(Unless otherwise noted, all work presented in this publication has been done in class by Missouri Taxidermy Institute students.  Congratulations to a remarkable group of artists!)   




missouri taxidermy

missouri taxidermy


Chip has been offered an exciting new opportunity
working with a wonderful company helping develop new products for the taxidermy industry!

Missouri Taxidermy Institute
closing effective
March 1, 2020.

from the bottom of our hearts for the last 20 years.  We are beyond grateful for the people who have traveled this path with us.



Chip & Carrie Stamper
4043 East Highway 54
P.O. Box 48
Linn Creek, MO 65052



It is our belief,
and our entire school philosophy,
that taxidermy is successful to the degree
that a finished mount
"looks alive".


Come along
and learn how to bring
your customers' trophies back to life.
The craft of taxidermy uses science
and effective business practices,
but the final product will always
be a result of
your own love of the outdoors
and of your own
artistic vision.


We welcome you to begin doing
what you've always wanted to do,
here in the beautiful show-me state,
Missouri Taxidermy Institute.


Missouri Taxidermy Institute
"certified to operate by
Missouri Department of Higher Education"
School number 0693-00


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